Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Re: [Ducati Motorcycle Chat] Insurance Experiences {143241}

I switched to Geico a few months ago. Unfortunately, I filed my first claim recently. They have been great throughout the process thus far. By the way, they are much cheaper than the other places I have had insurance with.

Comparison of Motor Insurance Premiums

My colleague carries out a comparison of motor insurance premiums among the top insurers in Singapore. Here is the latest findings. 10 models of vehicles are compared.

Sales of Federal Flood Insurance Rise

Homeowners Snap Up Federal Flood Insurance After 2005 Storms.

Car Insurance Rates and Restaurants

Location Intelligence has a blog post talking about how lame zip codes can be for measuring auto-insurance risk.

Save On Home Insurance - Homeowners Insurance rate

Posted in: Valuation / Appraisal Subject: Save On Home Insurance - Homeowners Insurance rate Hi Homeowners Insurance ( Hou...

Afrika's stolen art leads to insurance discussion.

Wow! The subject of insurance is a sure thread to hell for most artists. But I agree it is very important. Unfortunately, as has been pointed out, insurance is an area fraught with pitfalls for most artists. Car, Van, and Home Insurance Comparison

Offers online systems to compare quotes for car insurance, van insurance or home insurance. You fill in one form and they go to a large panel of brokers and direct insurers to find you te cheapest quote.,_van,_and_home_insurance_comparison/

Quick Review: Car

This is a sponsored post. To view my policy on sponsored entries click HERE. Apparently GEICO, a large US insurer, is quite concerned at the number of young American drivers being involved in accidents with large trucks on the highway.

Mortgage Insurance Premiums Now Deductable

MGIC MI: Make it an Option. One more good reason to make MI an option! The President has signed into law a bill making mortgage insurance premiums tax-deductible.

Insurance market will be competitive in WTO period - VietNamNet Bridge

On the Contrary VietNamNet Bridge – Right from January 11, 2007, when Vietnam officially becomes a WTO member, it will permit the set up 100% foreign owned insurance.